SpeedUp Energy Innovation is a fund built on the basis of a partnership between PGE Ventures, PFR Ventures, National Center for Research and Development (NCBR) and SpeedUp Group. The fund is focused on companies being in the phase of growth and market expansion, especially those looking for opportunities to enter foreign markets and scale there. The fund is building its portfolio around industries and sectors that are deeply anchored into PGE Capital Area of interest, but it's also open to support companies that operate beyond the core area of its investment strategy. Partnering with the fund, you get not only the financing support up to 4 millions euro, but also a reliable and experienced partner who will support long-term activities of your business and help it to enter next stages of development.



Bartek Gola

Bartek Gola


General Partner

Bartek is a general partner of SpeedUp Group. He's involved in early-stage project implementation in the areas associated with martech, marketplace, IoT and hardware. He has a wealth of experience in the marketing & advertising industry – he went through all the career positions all the way up to managing partner of the BLT Group (co-founder and shareholder) and TEQUILA\ Poland. He's been in the startup sector for over 8 years; starting as an investor in several initiatives implemented by other business partners, he's a co-creator of about a dozen technology startups. His knowledge and experience help support portfolio companies in business model development and testing, managing and creating business strategies as well as negotiations. He preps them for acquiring consecutive rounds of funding and supports them in the sale of shares, and cooperation with big business partners. For the last couple of years, Bartek has been intensively supporting the development of the Polish startup community.

Arek Piechocki

Arek Piechocki


Managing Partner

Arek is a co-founder and a managing partner of SpeedUp Venture Capital Group. He works with portfolio companies operating in areas of IoT, martech and big data. He mainly advises them in areas related to business strategy, product creation, sales channels, and marketing. He also supports them in defining clear and concrete business goals, their implementation, as well as operations related to processing and utilizing databases and supporting the process of building their value. He has many years of experience in the marketing industry, which he's been developing since 1995. He managed a marketing department in a large FMC company and had a years-long adventure with direct marketing as co-creator of TEQUILA\Poland's and DATA Solutions' success. Arek thinks that despite the mess accompanying the birth of a new business, only those companies which develop a strong DNA achieve real success.

Robert Grygorowicz

Robert Grygorowicz


Investment Associate

Robert works as an investment analyst. He joined SpeedUp early of 2018. His responsibilities include preparing the analysis of the investment projects, financial controlling and supporting some of the portfolio companies. He also has another role as an emergency photographer and takes care of collecting all the important moments in our group.



Solutions for predicting future states of current business processes and allowing to offer new products and services based on information on customer behaviour, as well as supporting planning and management of power grid development.

Process Materials and Technologies

Solutions allowing to acquire energy from renewable and dispersed sources, as well as to allow for utilization of combustion side effects. In the interests of the Fund are also solutions focused on the automation control equipment consumption,…

Energy Storage

Solutions for energy storage, including Power-2-gas, CAES, fuel cells, flywheels and batteries of various types.

Internet of Things

The area of Intelligent City, transport and energy, as well as Industry 4.0, including monitoring of the state of resources, diagnostics, working conditions and product processing.


Solutions for building infrastructure allowing to charge and service electric vehicles, as well as the development of rental and sharing services. The areas of interest of the Fund also include technologies related indirectly and directly to the design and production…

Mining Technology Support

Technologies for the mining process optimization, big data analyzes and ICT tools, supporting the exploitation of deposits and design but also management of mining infrastructure.

Digitalization of Customer Contact

New communication and optimization of previously used solutions, especially in the Omnichannel formula.

wykres investment scope


You can submit project by sending a pitch deck via e-mail: projects@speedupgroup.com


ENERGY INNOVATION SPEEDUP MANAGEMENT SPÓŁKA Z OGRANICZONĄ ODPOWIEDZIALNOŚCIĄ ASI SPÓŁKA KOMANDYTOWO-AKCYJNA Siedziba spółki: Święty Marcin 11/8, 61-803, Poznań VIII Wydział Gospodarczy Krajowego Rejestru Sądowego KRS 0000762413 NIP 9721297182 Kapitał zakładowy 224.5 tys. zł


Zarząd komplementariusza spółki pod firmą Energy Innovation SpeedUp Management spółka z ograniczoną odpowiedzialnością ASI S.K.A. („Spółka”) na podstawie art. 16 ustawy z dnia 30 sierpnia 2019 r. o zmianie ustawy – Kodeks spółek handlowych oraz niektórych innych ustaw (Dz.U. z 2019 r. poz. 1798) niniejszym wzywa wszystkich akcjonariuszy Spółki do złożenia w terminie do dnia 31 stycznia 2021 r. posiadanych dokumentów akcji w celu ich dematerializacji. Dokumenty akcji należy składać w siedzibie Spółki pod adresem: ul. Św. Marcin nr 11/8 (61-803 Poznań), w dniach roboczych w godzinach 9.00-16.00. Złożenie dokumentów akcji w Spółce będzie odbywało się za pisemnym pokwitowaniem wydanym akcjonariuszowi.


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